6 SEO Mistakes that are Hurting Your Business

As a business owner, you’ve undoubtedly heard about digital marketing and how it can build traffic to your website. If you’re not already implementing specific practices, your site is probably lost in the void along with everyone else making the same errors. Here are six common mistakes that you may be making that can hurt your business.

digital-marketing1) Keyword stuffing your pages

Search engine algorithms are much more sophisticated today than they were even one year ago. When you fill your pages with keywords, search engines consider that duplicate content. Unfortunately, your content then gets ignored. And frankly no one wants to read repeated words and the awkward phrasing that results from using too many keywords. Instead, focus on providing quality content that engages and educates your readers.

2) Considering only one source to build traffic

Your website is a great place to implement an online marketing strategy, but Google AdWords and other types of web advertising, social media and directory listings can also boost traffic. However, you won’t know if you’ve been successful if you don’t track where those sources came from. There are many effective tracking tools available to show you what traffic sources are bringing in the most views and sales.

3) Creating boring content

Content isn’t just the words on a page. It can also include videos, podcasts and photos – anything to make your site an interactive, informative experience. The goal is to keep people on your website as long as possible and to encourage them to link to your site. That said, try not to go overboard by putting multiple types of media on every page – a little goes a long way. Talk to your web designer about the best ways to use rich media on your website.

4) Duplicating your content

Search engines consider duplicate content to be large blocks of content within (or across) domains that either completely match other content or are very similar. The bottom line: If you have duplicate content on your site, then search engines will bypass all the hard work you put in to build your website. This means you don’t want to simply copy and paste what’s on your Home page for use on the About page as well. The same goes for duplicate title tags, meta descriptions and URLs. You can find duplicate content in Google Webmaster Tools or your online marketing team can help you locate and fix it.

5) Using manufacturers’ product descriptions

This is an opportunity to create original product descriptions using specific keywords that stand out from the rest. To add to your site, you can make product descriptions more interesting with video demos, pictures and other rich media.

6) Forgetting local optimization

Businesses generally think of digital marketing as targeting a worldwide audience – and neglect one of the most valuable resources for business: the local market. Not taking advantage of local optimization means you lose out when customers are searching for a particular business or service in your area. Tread carefully, though. Peppering your site with terms like “Austin chiropractor” or “Pittsburgh plumbing” will begin to sound like obvious keyword stuffing and turn visitors off – as well as search engines. Talk to your online marketing team about how to effectively reach local consumers.

People have high expectations when it comes to digital marketing results. Sure, it helps to boost traffic and increase sales. But it doesn’t happen overnight nor does it come without effort and commitment. Take a good look at your internet marketing efforts. If your site is difficult to navigate, the content is haphazard, no one really knows what it is that you do and your customer service is terrible, then all the content marketing in the world won’t boost your rankings.

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Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/epublicist/9293004744

Original Source: http://www.localsurgemedia.net/seo/6-seo-mistakes-hurting-business

December 5, 2013

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