Search Engine Optimization

Do you know what Organic means in terms of SEO? Organic is the first result that appears naturally for a keyword search on an engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. In other words, this is the first spot below the PPC ads that everyone skips over.

Plain and simple, we are here to dominate the organic results for your keywords and location using all the methods that reflect the honesty, integrity and transparency of your brand. We know all the tricks, both good and bad. We know what makes Google happy. We know what makes them mad. We never, ever attack anyone, and whenever we can, we put a stop to malicious behavior from others.

We do not wave some magic wand or flip a switch. We spend hundreds of hours building your online presence. We assess your website, its content, your links and link backs. We don’t hide what we do because there are no secrets here. Anyone who hides their “SEO tactics” from you is not being honest about what they do.

Our results are gradual, meaning we can see you climb through the PageRanks over course of weeks. Getting to the number one spot organically on search engines does not happen overnight. Nothing of value ever does.

You deal directly with us – Austinites who live and work here.

Local Search

Do you have any idea what the 7-pack is? Do you know what Google Places are? When search results pop up for your keywords, you want your pin to be on the map. We make sure that you get there and that your presence is consistent across the board.

Social Media

As social media has taken online marketing by storm, there is no question that your brand needs to hop on board. Do you have a Facebook Page? Twitter account? YouTube account? LinkedIn presence? Blog? Do you know what Google+ is? You may be doing all of these things, but are they current, consistent and cohesive? Presenting a unified and transparent brand is very important for lead conversion. And now, guess what? Social media results are being sedimented into organic search results.

We can help guide you to be the most effective and efficient when it comes to your social media presence. Our consultant will work as a part of your company to help build your online community, establishing you as the thought leader and expert in your industry or field. Call us or email us about how we can help you launch or consolidate and take control of your online community.

Web Design

Traffic is one thing, but what people see when they get there is what generates a lead or makes a sale. You have less than 20 seconds to impress upon a visitor that your company or brand is trustworthy and professional enough for them. Believe us when we say that beautiful and efficient web design is everything to lead generation. Your pictures, your layout, your contact form and of course, your content will make your break your online effectivity. If that wasn’t enough, proper web design isĀ indispensableĀ for SEO.

Our team builds all our websites on WordPress for easy management. We can either train you on how to update your website or we can do it for you. Our sites are custom built to meet your needs. Call or email us to discuss to your vision for your online presence today!

June 5, 2012 Michael Scotty